An Introduction to the Presidential Trend (Paperback)

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Publication Date: June 2015 – A real life political data mystery has been solved. The mystery began when the author of the book, Tony Fairfax, discovered a unique voting pattern. The pattern was that the popular vote for the Democratic candidate for president increased in an extremely straight line from 1972 to 2000 (with the exception of one election). During this same period, the Republican and Independent candidates’ popular vote fluctuated significantly. The discovery of this trend sparked several questions. How did the popular vote for millions of voters throughout the country align themselves in a straight and consistent pattern for almost 30 years? What created this virtually unknown unique voting trend? Did the trend influence the outcome of past presidential elections and could it affect future ones? Most important of all, did this trend, which ended in 2000, provide any insight into the probable winner of future elections, including the 2016 presidential election? All of these questions along with their answers are included in this new and groundbreaking book. Since the book is written for the political novice, most should appreciate and understand the underlying theories proposed. Readers are taken through a logical step-by-step literary narrative journey of the development of the author’s amazing discoveries and conclusions. Many will enjoy the condensed explanations and analysis of a theory that some say is destined to alter how presidential elections are viewed and analyzed.

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Tony Fairfax is a demographic and mapping consultant with nearly 25 years experience in analyzing political, voting, and census data.


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