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Published Date : 1st December 2013

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Publication Date: December 1, 2013 – Why did the popular vote for the Democratic candidate for president increase in a straight-line fashion for almost 30 years, with the exception of one election? What created this unique voting trend? Did the trend influence the results of past presidential elections and could it affect future ones? A new and groundbreaking book provides answers to these questions and includes insight into the probable outcome of future presidential elections, including the 2016 election.

The author, Tony Fairfax, has discovered and writes about this unique voting pattern in his book, The Presidential Trend. The book discusses an intriguing phenomenon whereby the popular vote for the Democratic candidate for president has increased in a linear and predictable manner. The trend, in fact, existed from 1972 to 2000, with the exception of one presidential election. During that same period, the votes for Republican and Independent candidates fluctuated. The linear trend is the basis for a new political theory and is positioned to become a prominent part of US presidential election history.

“Amazingly, the straight-line trend occurred despite the fact that each election contained different opponents, fluctuating US and global conditions, diverse candidates, and most importantly varying voter turnout percentages,” states Fairfax. “The effects of the trend may have influenced who was elected president during this period and may influence who will be elected in the future.”

The book is designed for both the average reader as well as seasoned political professional. It is structured into five (5) distinct sections. Part One of the book includes chapters that describe the trend as well as discuss the historical environment that existed in order to produce the predictable and linear trend. Part One also includes a first chapter that is a summary chapter intended for a wide audience. It is specifically written excluding the statistical analysis that are found in the other parts of the book. Part Two includes chapters with statistical techniques that prove the presence of the linear trend and other observable facts. Part Three analyzes the trend at the state level. Part Four covers exit poll analysis that verifies the core theories espoused in the book. Part Five contains chapters that outline the future impact of the trend, including the potential results for the 2016 presidential election.

Author Information

Tony Fairfax is a Geodemographic Consultant and President & CEO of CensusChannel LLC. Mr. Fairfax began his career as an Electrical Engineer for a manufacturing division of Teledyne Inc. and then for a government consulting firm, Engineering & Economic Research Systems.

However, for the past 22 years Mr. Fairfax has worked as a demographic data & mapping consultant. Specializing in redistricting, he personally developed hundreds of redistricting plans covering 22 different states. During the span of his consulting tenure, Mr. Fairfax provided demographic, mapping, and redistricting services and training to numerous non-profit and public sector groups. Mr. Fairfax holds a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech.


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