Demographic & Mapping Services

With over 30 years of staff experience, we provide quality
services for businesses and nonprofits alike

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Redistricting Services

We bring three decennial cycles of proven
experience in providing redistricting solutions

Our Services
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Presentations & Training

We offer custom presentations and training
on census and redistricting topics

Custom Geospatial Web Applications

We offer affordable solutions for location centered projects

Redistricting Services

We put our 30 years of demographic and mapping skills to solve your redistricting problems. From redistricting plan development to district analysis to expert reports and testimony, we offer a complete package of services.

Voter Analysis & Targeting

Whether its low turnout, likely or infrequent voters we will assist you with locating, communicating, and connecting  with those population groups.

Mapping Services

We also provide professional mapping services using public data (such as U.S. Census Bureau data) as well as proprietary data presented on hardcopy maps or via ArcGIS online services. Our mapping products present useful visualization for your desired subject matter.

What we Offer

We provide professional demographic and mapping services. With almost three decades of staff experience, we will ensure that you are getting professional advice and services at a reasonable and fair price.
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About Us

We have over 30 years of staff experience providing professional demographic and mapping services. Our primary clientele focus has provided consulting to a variety of state, regional, and national nonprofit organizations. Specializing in supporting nonprofit organizations, one of our mission goals is to provide quality demographic and mapping services to organizations serving underserved communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What general services do you provide?

We specialize in all types of demographic and mapping services. We can map and analyze all types of data. Our primary data focus is U.S. Census Data, however, we can map any data that has a georeference. Our output can be hardcopy maps to visualizations using ArcGIS online services.

Our specialization is redistricting. We provide redistricting plan development, evaluation, and training. In certain cases, we even provide expert reports, depositions and testimony in redistricting court cases.


We also provide professional mapping services. From geocoding to geospatial analysis, our mapping services present useful visualization and analysis for your desired subject matter.

Who utilizes your services?

We have mostly worked for nonprofit organizations and Political Action Committees (PACs). However, we have worked for political candidates as well. We have also provided mapping contract services for small and large businesses and have provided contract services to government municipalities.

What mapping systems do you use?

For our redistricting services, we use one of the leading redistricting software packages in the industry, Maptitude for Redistricting. Maptitude for Redistricting is utilized by state legislatures, nonprofit organizations, and experts. For general mapping services or geographic information system (GIS) analysis, we use the ArcGIS set of products (both desktop, Pro and online services).

Why Choose Us?


We have over two and a half decades of experience providing professional demographic and mapping services and consulting advice.


We always strive to provide you innovative and forward thinking solutions to your demographic and mapping problems.

Optimum Results

We consistently seek to provide optimum results that complete the tasks and work within a reasonable budget.

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