The Missing Voter Project


Locate, Register and Turnout Voters

CensusChannel staff (Tony Fairfax) was hired to perform the duties as co-director for a project designed to locate and register unregistered voters in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area.


Formation of the Missing Voter Project

As co-director of the Hampton Roads Missing Voter Project (a nonpartisan nonprofit voter engagement effort of Democracy South), Fairfax was responsible for co-managing the overall civic engagement effort and was solely responsible for integrating and processing Catalist voter data. Voter data were used to develop targeting maps and walk lists for all focus areas.  The effort included managing and coordinating multiple personnel types including door-to-door canvassers, data entry persons, and drivers. The second phase included returning to those registered voters and motivating them to turnout and vote (i.e. GOTV).


The Voter Contact Success

The project registered several thousand unregistered voters in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area.